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Ruban Phukan

Co-Founder & CEO

Shymantak Gautam

Co-Founder & COO

Vishal Katkar

Co-Founder & CTO

Vinay Kashyap

Co-Founder & VP - AI and ML Engineering

Fayyaz Hussain

Co-Founder & CRO

Chandan Goswami

Co-Founder & CPO

Our Mission

"Our mission is to organize the world's knowledge and make it universally accessible, conversational, and digestable in bite-sized chunks on demand."

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Why GoodGist?

The top-performing companies in the world drive their sales and implement their solutions either in-house or through partners. However, managing these customer success and partner success processes can be people, time, and cost-intensive, leading to scaling and efficiency challenges.

GoodGist is designed specifically for software companies to empower their customers, partners and employees by reimagining enablement via autonomous knowledge management. We provide personalized, AI-native training tailored to each user's needs, use cases, and proficiency levels, ensuring they can master your software quickly and efficiently. Our platform aggregates answers and step-by-step guidance from various sources such as software documentation, support tickets, knowledge bases, and online forums, enabling users to solve problems independently. This reduces the burden on your support team, allowing your in-house teams to support customers and partners better, to deliver faster implementations and onboarding. Ultimately, this results in revenue growth, improved performance, enhanced customer satisfaction, and the ability to scale your support without increasing costs.

This creates a significant moat for your business against competitors in today's fast-paced landscape, where go-live speed and cost-effective scalability can become the winning differentiators.

Our Ambassadors

Steve Goldberg

HR Process & Tech Leader, Top 100 HR Tech Influencers

Frank Dewey

LMS/LXP, L&D and Talent Solutions Leader

Kathleen Holmes

Technology, IP and Workforce Talent Law Leader

Mbissane Ba

L&D Alliances and Channel Sales Leader

Bhaskar Deka

L&D Product Leader and Top 100 HRTech Influencer

Joe Nguyen

Digital Advertising and Media Veteran