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Supercharge Your Partners, Customers, And Employees With Autonomous Knowledge Management System

Agentic AI That Helps Your Organization Seamlessly Manage Knowledge To Onboard, Upskill, Sell & Market, Implement, Support, And Innovate Better Delivering Revenue Growth, Lowered Costs, Increased Customer Satisfaction, And Higher  Engagement

Product Screens
Landing Page For Partners To Learn, Research, and Ask
Personalized Use-Case-Centric Learning Path For The Partner
Autonomously Generated Training Content Referencing Documentation, Videos, Presentations, Case Studies, Documents, and other Authoritative Content Sources
Research For Solution Implementation Based On Customer Requirements and RFPs
Research Results Are Autonomously Generated Referencing Documentation, Past RFP Responses, Case Studies, and other Authoritative Content Sources
Get Instant Answers For Troubleshoot Autonomously Generated Referencing Documentation, Support Tickets, Forums, and other Authoritative Content Sources

Real Challenges, Real Solutions


GoodGist Non-Users

GoodGist Users


Takes long time and effort

Smooth and efficient

Continuous Learning and Upskilling

Struggle to stay updated with latest info or takes time to build skills

Always up-to-date with AI-driven knowledge base

Sales and Marketing

Difficulty accessing and utilizing materials and knowledge of product, customers, and market trends.

Seamless access to instant knowledge at fingertips

Technical Support

Delays in resolving technical issues

24/7 AI-powered instant support


Challenges in managing growing knowledge among customers, partners, and employees creating information overload and burnout

Effortless scalability with providing the right knowledge and the right amount to individuals based, instantly, on their use cases


A long time and effort to translate customer requirements into proper reference architecture and solution architecture

Step by step implementation guide based on the use case with proper reference and solution architectures

AI-Driven Partner Enablement for Software Companies

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Why Software Companies Love GoodGist?

With GoodGist's platform, our partners automatically get personalized training with up-to-date content after every product release for their use cases leading to seamless continuous onboarding and happy partners.

The AI-powered support has significantly reduced our support tickets, freeing us to focus on strategic growth while lowering our support costs.

The AI automatically generated reference architecture and solution architecture for our partners that reduced the time and effort to implement our solution for customers.

Despite having a small customer success team, we have now successfully implemented several customers and able to support them better in record time.

Rapid advancements in technology today require continuous upskilling of software for customer success and implementation partners. The cost and time to produce new use-case-centric course content  scalable for different users makes it hard to scale as it has to be done with every new software release cycle which now happen more frequently than before.
Just taking a training is not sufficient as the challenge comes when recalling and referencing knowledge during implementation and product use, which often leads to unproductive search and browsing time or raising support tickets, which again takes time to resolve.
Further collaborating on knowledge is never easy. It is fragmented across knowledge bases, support ticket systems, online forums etc. So supporting customers and partners often requires repetition of the same information which makes is inefficient.
Manually upskilling partners or internal customer success teams is not a scalable approach. But AI can do it better, faster, and at a fraction of a cost. It can deliver learning that is personalized to individual users for every customer use case they are working on for the correct version of the software.
Empowering customers and partners to get step-by-step guide with auto-generated reference architectures and solution architectures and instant resolution of questions or problems via a conversational interface increases their efficiency by at least 2x.
Implicit capture and sharing of common knowledge between customer success and partners means no duplication of effort, and lesser time and cost to support. This enables software companies to manage a lot more customers and partners in parallel, autonomously.

What Superpowers Does GoodGist Give To Your Customers, Partners, And Employees?


On-demand learning with AI-curated content tailored to specific use-cases. Access authoritative resources seamlessly.


Dive into specific use-cases with step-by-step guidance. Research market trends, best practices, reference & solution architectures, compliance, and regulatory requirements effortlessly.


Troubleshoot problems and get instant solutions with our AI-powered Q&A. Access just-in-time information to enhance productivity.


Collaborate effectively with employees, customers, and partners. Manage knowledge better and onboard new members smoothly.

What Unique Advantage Does GoodGist Have?

AI-Agents that work in tandem with Domain Knowledge Experts

Continuous Upskilling on the latest Software Releases and New Technology

Hyper-Personalized and Adaptive Use-Case-Centric Learning

Implicit Knowledge Management with Always Fresh Content

Enterprise-Grade with Security and Guardrails

Multimodal Content: Text, Audio, Video

Multilingual Content and Conversations via a Conversational User Interface (CUI)

Deep Integration via APIs

Collaborative Curation and Research

A Patent-Pending Technology That Combines Cognitive Science with Artificial Intelligence

What Value Can You Get From GoodGist?

Enhanced Proficiency For Partners, Customer, and Internal Teams

Autonomous Content Support For RFPs, Reference Architecture, Solution Architectures, Sales And Marketing

Infinite Scaling For Any Number Of Partners,  Customers, and Employees

Significantly Reduced Support Costs For Partners And Customers

Significantly Reduced Time For Onboarding Partners,  Customers, or Team Members

Improved Customer Satisfaction, Increased Partner and Employee Engagement, And Higher NPS

Faster Path To Revenue,  From Efficient Sales and Implementation and Increased Productivity

Staying Ahead Of The Competition With A Game-Changing Enablement

How Much Does GoodGist Cost?

Teams Learning Space


$500 / month

Up to 30 active users included
Additional Users: $10 per active user per month

$5000 / month

Up to 500 active users included
Additional Users: $5 per active user per month


Custom Pricing Plan.
Contact us at sales@goodgist.com

Let’s Together Pioneer the Transformation of Customer Success and Partner Enablement
with Autonomous Learning, Support, and Knowledge Management via Agentic AI

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