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Empower Software Partners with Autonomous Learning and Knowledge Management

AI-native partner enablement platform that delivers use-case-centric learning, real-time support, and comprehensive knowledge management to make your software sales & implementation partners self-sufficient and highly effective.

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Why Software Companies Love GoodGist?

With GoodGist's platform, our partners are more self-reliant and effective, leading to faster, smoother implementations and higher customer satisfaction.

The AI-powered training and knowledge management have significantly reduced our support tickets, freeing us to focus on strategic growth.

The cost and time to produce new learning content with every product release for different partner use-cases have practically become zero!

Despite having a small partner success team, we have successfully onboarded a large number of partners rapidly and efficiently. They are quite self-sufficient.

Rapid advancements in technology today require continuous upskilling of software sales and implementation partners. The cost and time to produce new use-case-centric course content  scalable for partners makes it hard to scale.
Just taking a training is not sufficient as the challenge comes when recalling and referencing knowledge during implementation, which often leads to unproductive search and browsing time or raising support tickets, which again takes time to resolve.
Further collaborating on knowledge is never easy. It is fragmented across knowledge bases, support ticket systems, online forums etc. So supporting partners often requires repetition of the same information which makes is inefficient.
Manually upskilling partners is not a scalable approach. But AI can do it better, faster, and at a fraction of a cost. It can deliver learning that is personalized to individual partners for every customer use case they are working on.
Empowering partners to get personalized microlearning, step-by-step guidance and instant resolution of problems via a conversational interface increases their efficiency by at least 2x. They become independent and self-sufficient.
Implicit capture and sharing of knowledge between partners as well as internal teams means no duplication of effort, and lesser time and cost to support each partner. This enables software companies to manage a lot more partners in parallel which translates to increased revenue.

What Superpowers Does GoodGist Give To Your Partners?


Learn about the software application on demand with AI-Curated content for specific use-cases, referencing authoritative sources on the web and internal repositories.


Research specific use-cases and implementation process to get step-by-step guidance including researching for best practices, regulatory and compliance requirements.


Get solution to problems at your fingertips with the ability to ask questions and get answers instantly. Makes just-in-time information access to get work done in a highly productive way


Collaborate with your and their teams and other partners to implicitly record and share and manage knowledge better. Onboard new members in partner team easily and effectively.

What Unique Advantage Does GoodGist Have?

With Generative CI, you're not just adopting an AI platform; you're unlocking an ecosystem.
It's adaptable, scalable, and designed with your business needs at its core.

AI-Agents that work in tandem with Software Experts

Continuous Upskilling on the latest Software Releases and New Technology

Hyper-Personalized and Adaptive Use-Case-Centric Learning

Implicit Knowledge Management with Always Fresh Content

Enterprise-Grade with Security and Guardrails

Multimodal Content: Text, Audio, Video

Multilingual Content and Conversations via a Conversational User Interface (CUI)

Deep Integration via APIs

Collaborative Curation and Research

A Patent-Pending Technology That Combines Cognitive Science with Artificial Intelligence

What Value Can You Get From GoodGist?

Enhanced Software Skills and Fill Skill Gaps Efficiently

Applied Knowledge For Rapid Customer Implementation

Infinite Scaling For Any Number Of Partners

Significantly Reduced Partner Support Costs

Significantly Reduced Time For Onboarding Partners

Improved Customer Satisfaction and Higher NPS

Higher Revenue From Software Sales and Renewals

Staying Ahead of the Competition with Partner Enablement

Product Overview

Easy-to-use no-code trading strategy builder with AI assistance

Easy-to-use no-code trading strategy builder with AI assistance

Get started easily with trading system templates for styles like Trend Following, Momentum, Reversal Trading, etc. Modify and adapt them.

How Much Does GoodGist Cost?

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